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A new chapter in a mother-daughter relationship.


When Elaine’s father died at 80, her mother decided it was time to sell the home in California and move to Idaho to be closer to Elaine and her family. Happy with the prospect of having her mother nearby, Elaine was nevertheless concerned about how she would manage this new responsibility in addition to her existing commitments to family and career. “I was looking forward to having mom here, “says Elaine, “but I really had no idea how it was going to affect my life.”

Care for Living makes such a difference


When you are past 90 years old and pretty much confined to your lounger and wheelchair, you need help, and lots of it. Much of this burden has fallen upon my spouse who is 91 himself. We need a regular helper to get us through some of the daily grind but more importantly we needed a support system. Both our children live out of town and Care for Living has been a god-send to us not to mention a life saver.

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