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Decline can begin in the MD office?

    doctor-40891_640As an office nurse for 7 years there were some very common occurrences. Frequently my older patients would forget some very important information that the Dr needed to give them the very best care.  Here’s how to get the most from every Dr visit. Click here to listen to Nurse Savage on how this happens:

Can eating more protein help prevent falls?

seniorRides2 recumbant 3 wheel bikes   Our bodies require protein for most of its function. If not enough protein is taken in, the body will use it’s own muscles for that protein. It will start by using the core muscle group or the thigh muscles because these are the largest groups in the body. Both of these muscle groups are key to maintaining balance. If they decrease, balance will suffer. Click on the link below to learn a little more:   To see what 50 grams of protein looks like, watch this.

Dementia is Baby Boomers biggest fear

When I polled Baby Boomers a while back about fears in their aging process, hands down it was developing Dementia. Good News! There is extensive research in the last few years that is encouraging on that front. There are several possible causes and contributing factors being explored, in the development of dementia and other neurologic disorders such as ADD, ADHD, Autism, and Fibromyalgia to name a few. Over the next few weeks I will be exploring several of these possibilities. One possibility that we can all address is the nutritional component, or the malnourished brain. Life styles and farming practices are two contributing factors. Even if you’ve done your best to eat well, the foods that you can purchase in that effort are containing fewer nutrients each year because they are being grown in nutrient depleted soils. Adding nutritional supplements to your diet is one way to address this, but they need to be good quality so that your body can actually absorb them. Centrum Silver does not meet this criteria. There is one multivitamin supplement that has 20 years and 26 published studies of research behind it. It is specially formulated to actually address brain function. It was formulated to treat severe mental disorders and has done so with resounding success. I am really excited to tell you about this! My mother suffered from Alzheimer’s disease so I started using it because I felt if it could effectively treat other mental disorders, then I would use it to try to give my brain every opportunity to stay healthy, and I was in need of a good quality multivitamin. Now, I’ve taken vitamin supplements my whole life and just trusted that they were helping me because I was pretty healthy. I WAS AMAZED by what I was experiencing! I never expected to feel anything! After about nine days on this supplement I realized I was actually feeling the effects of this one. I was much calmer, more focused, and was having clearer thinking during the development and preparation for my very first all day conference, a time in life where I was under a great deal of stress and would normally have been experiencing panic regularly, and I had started sleeping better as well! It was then I realized that I had lived my whole life with constant low level anxiety. I didn’t know anything different because this was just the way it was. I was high energy and that was just part of it as far as I knew. (I should have known because I’ve never been a good sleeper. 4-5 hours a night of fitful sleep was my reality for most of my life.) If you have concerns about your aging brain, then consider revving up your nutrition with this amazing supplement called Empower plus Q96. For more information and research studies visit: But don’t order it there! I can save you $10-$30.00 a bottle here: Feel free to email me for more information. Alzheimers_brain

Nutrition and Exercise are not enough!!

old lady rollerblading

Boomers you really want to know this-how to grow old and stay totally alive at the same time.

Boomers are living longer than any generation in history….but unless there’s quality to those years there’s no point.  A long life with a good portion of it sitting in front of the TV is what many Boomers are facing. But much of how we age is in our control and if we exercise that control as soon as possible, we can tip the scales in our favor and be able to live more completely through our entire life, and increase our odds of not needing the healthcare system as much or as soon. By needing less care for an extended period in our lives, we ease the load on our already overburdened system and our families.

If you’re part of the sandwich generation you already know what it’s like trying to care for aging parents and stay involved with and care for your immediately family.  Is this what you want for your kids? Is what you see happening with your parents what you want for you later years? If not then change things up now so you can change what the future looks like for you.

Successful aging doesn’t just happen for most of us. And even though exercise and nutrition are greatly important to this process, there is so much more that contribute to it and most people are not aware of what these other factors are or how to effect how they play out.



It’s never too late to improve.

Know that it’s never too late to change unproductive or destructive patterns.

funnyold lady dead lifts-7

Making an effort to improve yourself or your circumstances always pays off. No matter how old you are, the very act of taking action in your favor, is the beginning of the positive energy this produces.  Then the effects of the effort begin to materialize and the positive momentum grows and spills into other areas of your life and improving them. If you know there’s a practice that you have, that’s actually working against you having a full vibrant life throughout your entire life it can be changed.  No matter how old you are, or how long you’ve been doing it. 80 year old people who were classified as frequent fallers started taking a Tai Chi class.  After 12 weeks of two to three times a week classes, there was a 40% reduction on falls.  THEY WERE OVER 80 YEARS OLD!!! Never Give Up!  
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