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At Care for Living, Victoria Savage-“Nurse Savage on Your Side,” is dedicated to  doing everything possible to keep her clients in their home for as long as possible. From her revolutionary Senior Success Assessment, to her family and client coaching programs, and her quest to keep people informed about the newest information in the quest to understand the latest developments in the study of dementia with her Is it possible to avoid dementia? class.  

Nurse Savage

“Nurse Savage on Your Side”

Assisting Elderly Parents can be challenging

Nurse Savage understands the stress, pressure and challenges that accompany caring for an elderly parent.  Helping families problem solve and have improved quality it always the goal in every assessment. Staying at home is usually where most people choose, but there are times when facility placement is a much better option. Nurse Savage will always work to do what the client wants but every option will be explored and presented so all choices are clear and the client understands what each one presents as a solution and why. Should that decision include a change in living arrangements, facility recommendations and appropriate service providers will also be offered. Victoria is a fierce senior advocate and having Nurse Savage on your side will ensure that everything possible is being done to promote the highest quality of life available to you or your elderly loved one.

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